About Your Therapist: Coni Ulmer


If you are searching for help online today, chances are something is missing in your life or troubling you.


I can help Mother’s that are going through:

  • Dealing with wounds and scars from divorce
  • Creating a safe space for all family members to be heard
  • Coping skills and parenting techniques
  • Relationship transitions
  • Giving you a space to be heard, free of judgement and guilt

It’s incredibly stressful to transition through divorce and start dating again. All the while you feel the pressure that society places on you to be the super mom and “keep it all together” often at a high personal cost.

I’m Coni Ulmer and I’m a blended family therapist. What the heck is that do you ask? Well, I landed in this profession because I too struggled with my relationships and family life. I was carrying my baggage from my first failed marriage into my second one. Many of these behaviors are rooted in unhealthy patterns I learned from my own family growing up. Meanwhile my new relationship was suffering and change was needed.

Working through these challenges in counselling ignited a passion for me to help other Mom’s and going through the same challenges. This inspired me to obtain my counselling degree.

Life can be overwhelming when you don’t have the tools to deal with day-to-day stress. You don’t have to figure this out alone, I can help.

You can become the strong, confident woman that handles whatever life throws at you! 

Now I’m with an incredible man. My children from a previous marriage feel loved and accepted in our new family unit. We are able to openly communicate about our feelings and issues

This is the core of my practice. Helping blended families evaluate the issues, understand past experiences and develop a tool box for your family moving forward.

I studied at the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training (VCCT). I’m a member in good standing with the Association Of Cooperative Therapists Of Canada.