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Blended And Mixed Family Therapy

We work with women who seek change in their lives and their relationships.


Coni Ulmer Mixed Family Counsellor

Welcome to Willow Creek Counselling. We provide online therapy solutions tailored to the blended or mixed family. Most people arrive with a “feeling” about something they need to treat.  Feel free to visit our pages that deal with:


What Is A Blended Family?

There are many forms of blended families.

Divorce: Many of us have been through a divorce. The challenge we face is rebuilding our lives, our self esteem and happiness after.

Leaving a long time partner stirs up all kinds of emotions that can carry over to your new relationships. Or worse, you start dating before you are ready and create more trauma for your family unit.

Coni can help you during all phases of relationship transitions. She’s already been through it and can guide you from a place of experience.

If you are in a new relationship and trying to create a smoother transition for your partner and kids to live together, we should talk. We can give you tools to hold effective family meetings to discuss the changes and give you kids a space to express feelings and be heard. Lead your family towards a happier and more fulfilled life with a new partner.


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Dating After Divorce: Are you ready for a new relationship? Or are you returning to your old pattern of “finding someone so you are not lonely”? Quite often self-esteem is at the root of your desire to start dating again.

Let’s work together to ensure your relationship toolbox is up to date and that you are presenting the best you possible to potential partners.

We can develop a timeline and skills to develop prior to placing that scary online dating ad or going out on that blind date your best friends been pushing you to go on.


Interracial Families:  If you are entering or leaving a family that has cultural considerations and attitudes that create challenges, we can help. Learn how to stand your ground in your relationship or even bring all parties together so they can better understand your needs in the family unit.


Adoptions: Adopting a child when you have your own children already can be very challenging. Your children may feel unloved, jealous, ignored and kids usually start acting out. These are all natural reactions and we can help you smooth this transition. Work with us before you adopt or when you already have already adopted and need to work out some issues.  If possible, talk to me before you adopt to make sure you have considered all the effects the adoption will have on your existing family unit.