Is Anxiety Making You Sick?

treatment for anxiety online therapy

Most people don’t really see the symptoms or effects of anxiety until an event happens. You may have experienced being

  • severely agitated
  • sudden emotional outbursts
  • pain in your stomach and chest
  • difficulty breathing
  • panic attacks
  • muscle tension
  • troubles concentrating

Until your event happens you may just write it off as “stress” and deal with it your own way.  Or even worse, do nothing at all.


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We’re here to help you determine if you have anxiety issues and the best ways to treat them. As online counselors we are not qualified to diagnose clinical anxiety.

But we can give you tools and techniques for dealing with your minor anxiety and stress related issues. We employ a variety of techniques that can help you deal with anxiety including:

  • cognitive behavior therapy
  • talk therapy
  • worksheets, videos and exercises to use during your next anxiety event