Parenting For Blended Families


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Starting new relationships after a divorce is incredibly hard. You need supportive children, ex-spouses and both of you have to figure out how to navigate murky waters of blended families.  Therapist Coni Ulmer is a few years into her own blended family experience.  Learn about Coni’s story here. 

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Many people bring their baggage with them into new relationships. This can be incredibly challenging when you already live with your new partner and they are not getting along with your kids. Meanwhile, poor Mom’s stuck in the middle of the people she loves, fighting with one another. That wasn’t what you had in mind when you partnered up again, was it?

We can work with your children, your partner and with you to achieve:

  • high quality family time
  • have productive family meetings that give everyone a space to be heard
  • harmony and balance in your household