How Does Food Affect Your Brain?

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Stepfamily Adjustment Cousellors help with seven serious pitfalls

About 60 per cent of Canadian step-families end in failure. But yours can succeed by recognizing these hazards and making some key adjustments to head off some very common problems.  1) Not All Therapists Are Stepfamily Adjustment Trained  Few therapists specialize in the unique issues facing step-families.   The problems are multiple and diverse, according to […]

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Shaking Off The Post Divorce “Veil Of Doom”

Consider online therapy for self esteem. There’s no question that navigating the waters of divorce or separation is a painful, confusing and difficult process. The breakup itself, and the aftermath – grieving for your broken relationship, dealing with affects on children caught in the middle, and eventually exploring new relationships – can also take a […]

Best Blogs For Moms

The Best Blogs For Mom’s

Parenting is a process that requires constant educating and inspiration. Here are some of Coni’s favorite blogs that she’s found helpful in her own journey towards happiness. Better Help: This is a website for finding an online therapist. They also publish a mountain of useful articles. Positive Discipline: This is an educator focused site with […]